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12 June 2009 @ 10:24 am
I got a new phone a couple days ago. based upon what I could get and some reviews, I got the Samsung Rant. An upgrade from the flip phone to the sliding kind. I've been customizing ring tones and wallpapers for it. Just wanted to say that I can also access LJ on it :D bigger update later..
23 April 2009 @ 03:53 pm
Guys.... I lost :( And  by 2pts. He wants to do the makeover tonight I think...!! lol Either that, or some time this weekend. wtf so soon.

But the good thing is that we both got As on the exam. Now for the final...!!! *A*) We might do this again for fun. Motivation to do good~
15 April 2009 @ 11:31 pm
James and I are having a contest to see who will do better on our nutrition exam that's on next week Tuesday *A*) I need to win. We haven't told each other what the other will have to do if they lose, but omg, I need to study..!!

I really don't know what to request if I just so happen to win... but probably something like a massage or a dinner. Things I already get from him XD;
03 April 2009 @ 11:51 am
We hung out last night and he asked me to be his girlfriend :) How could I say no?

We got into our relationship pretty fast, but I don't regret it. He makes me pretty happy.
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13 February 2009 @ 11:38 pm
Jacob told me about a week ago that the 'Taste of the Bayou' was going to test the waters and see how they would fair out as a lunch place again. I asked him when it'd be open etc etc and basically went down there with Robin for lunch today. Their lunch menu is a whole lot smaller than their dinner menu though :( They mainly had salad, side dishes, sandwiches (the po' boys) and gumbo I think...

Anyways, this means I'll have to go there again in the evening to get the dishes that I want.

catfish po' boy and salad
Robin got the catfish po' boy with salad. I forget what kind of sauce the salad had, but it was pomegranate something. I had a little, and it was good. Her sandwich probably looked skimpy because she took out the tomatoes.

shrimp po' boy and sweet potato fries
I got the shrimp po' boy with sweet potato fries.

We both got a complimentary piece of corn bread lol The corn bread was warm and fresh. Major plus~ When we came in, there was just one other guy who was sitting there, but he left, so it was just the two of us. It was very nice. The plates were a little on the ghetto side. They also gave us plastic cups that you'd get from ordering soda from any fast food place, but we didn't really care. As long as the food was good and it was...

We walked around the area and went to Leonard's for a malasada for dessert. I didn't have breakfast, so my stomach was quite content. Robin, who did have breakfast, was stuffed.
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12 February 2009 @ 10:39 pm
Sleep: I didn't get any for about the last 24hrs unless you can about a half an hour nap.

I fail at exams today. Only accomplishment was finishing my english paper. Then a coworker texted me asking me to take his 6-10pm shift which later turned into 5-10pm.

Yay for hours/money, but boo to leg and back pain.
10 February 2009 @ 12:39 am
To put it in simple terms, last week was crap. The only day that was exceptionally great was Thursday and Saturday night. My eng teacher made my day by giving me a 26/20 on a paper.

I spent most of my day at UH analyzing a paper. I'm so tired of doing hw right now, but I still have crap to do. Nutrition midterm and my first major paper for my WI Eng class is on Thursday :x

I played dress-up a little tonight. I might wear it for V-day in an attempt to be girly. My room is pretty messy atm. Casual lolita? Skirt needs ironing. I'm worried I'd spill shoyu or something on it lol I don't know why, but I'm missing the right side of my shoe. I bought it at the end of Dec.
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-skirt - Meta
-black tank - jeans warehouse
-white tank - hollister

I really like the white tank's details, but it's hard to wear it in a conservative way.
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02 February 2009 @ 03:42 pm
I hit my knee so fucking hard on one of the shelves at work. This was 5hrs ago and it still burns.

Working with twins can be amusing and frustrating at the same time, especially when I forget which one I talk to.

I now owe my dad just $455 for the laptop. It would've been $121 if I could've cashed the other pay checks. I have to have a certain amount of money within my account in order to cash x amount of money from checks. I have $3 in my account and I wanted to cash $300 something. a;lsdkja;wejg Oh well.

Friday is payday!!! And then there's Punahou carnival. yayayay
28 January 2009 @ 07:28 pm
I've been meaning to post these pictures for a while now. Some are obviously photoshopped, others, no >_>;

These are some charms that Robin and I have made for Kawaii Kon. I took these pictures a while ago back in December, and we have a toooon more charms along with a couple of new characters. :D I'm starting to wonder if we're over-making ^^; We haven't determined a price yet. We have hexapi and fruit-themed hexapi. Some have swarovski beads and others don't, but we later on decided that they all have beads.
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